Mookee was started by Yuske Kamiya in 2010, he is a High End Fashion Designer who resides in Long Beach, California. He believes that even though some people from his neighborhood cannot afford high end brands, that they can still have emaculate style which is represented by Mookee By Yuske. Trends are not what inspire Mookee, but an eager to stand out and express ones self.

Mookee is a representation of style and culture. It is derived and inspired by music, art, vintage culture, and a way of living. Mookee conforms from the days of van halen to the b-boy days of hip hop. studying the art of Keith Haring and basquiat to surfing and skating in Vision Street Wear and Vans. After all, the cultures are shown thoughout many cultures, from Los Angeles to New York, Japan to France.


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